Web Development

Websites need to work hard and fast to gain attention from audiences with high expectations. Visitors are impatient and give up on websites slow to load – quickly moving on to the competition and therefore lowering conversion rates. We design and build with high-performance and mobile optimisation in mind – both of which are core ranking factors for SEO.

The way we develop websites depends on the needs of the website. We usually use a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress if the site needs to be regularly updated easily. For some projects we like PHP using the Laravel framework or just plain old HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

WordPress is an extremely powerful content management tool for small and medium sized businesses. Most people may have heard of WordPress as a blogging tool, but its matured into an expandable platform used by Samsung, M&S, Sony Music and even Number 10. We also develop bespoke CMS where specific functionality is required; this is best suited to clients with experience managing website development projects.