Front-end Development

Adaptive and responsive websites mean it’s critical to be able to code the site to work in the manner in which it was designed. We have some of the world’s top front-end developers, who handcraft elegant HTML/CSS and JavaScript. We take great pride in our coding abilities and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We’ll hand off expertly organised, validated and documented HTML and CSS, and robust, customisable JavaScript.

Because we write our own code and don’t rely on modifying existing themes, we are able to ensure we use the most up-to-date and best-practice methods of writing semantic HTML and CSS. This means that client websites work on all devices and future modifications are quick to cost and implement. Users on a slow 3G connection won’t get put off by long loading times and non-JavaScript friendly sites, as we ensure our websites are functional from the start; progressively enhancing as we go. This means an in-built capability for the functionality to be enhanced over time and for users with different devices and broadband speeds.

With so much of the internet moving towards JavaScript, we like to keep up with the latest trends. We recently developed a custom integration of two well-known touch JavaScript libraries, which even received praise from the author. We also use Facebook’s ReactJS and WordPress’ JSON Rest API.