All companies need a brand and a brand strategy. We craft brands that help clients achieve business goals.

Why does your company exist? Why should your customers care? How can you engage your employees? Communicating your brand in a clever, effective and intelligent way is the key to happy, engaged and loyal customers and employees. People buy from people – but they also buy from organisations with similar values and beliefs. This is where your brand strategy, mission, values and USP come into play.

Your brand should be clear across all your touchpoints: from your website, signage, brochure and uniforms, to training manuals, head office, packaging and retail space. Your logo, typography, photographic style, written tone of voice, graphic marks, video and illustrations all help to communicate your brand.

Having clear brand guidelines means all your materials are consistent – whether it’s business cards for networking events, social media, email marketing or your website. We plan, design and execute impactful marketing collateral to communicate your brand.

Brand guidelines explain how to implement the brand identity and our cloud-based software enables storage and sharing of assets in the correct format, such as CMYK for press or RGB for PowerPoints. We upload your assets to our system and provide login access to retrieve and share. Our platform also re-sizes items in multiple formats, saving you the hassle of manually doing it (or paying someone to do it!).

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