Whitepaper 1: What is Branding?

Your Essential Branding Guide for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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‘What is Branding?’ is a new whitepaper developed by the branding experts here at Preface Studios as an essential guide for small to medium sized businesses. It covers what branding is, why you need to invest in it, how it can help your business grow, when you need to think about it, and what it involves.

All businesses need great branding; it’s not just for multinationals like Apple, Google or Nike. Small businesses, start-ups and sole-traders all need a compelling and engaging brand. It has a significant impact on your business bottom-line and can mean the difference between business success and business failure – whatever your company’s size!

Download the full ‘What is Branding?’ whitepaper to find out:

  • Brand basics – what it is and why it’s important
  • The origin of branding and its evolution
  • How branding and great design can impact your business bottom-line
  • Misconceptions and why SMEs need branding
  • Why branding is more than a glossy brochure
  • How to tell your story through branding
  • Elements of branding
  • The brands we love and why
  • How to develop brand guidelines
  • Recommended reading.


“As a small business I knew branding was important, but it always seemed like a bit of a mystery and I never really grasped it. This branding whitepaper is a great starting point for anyone in the same position. It gives good background and has cleared up some of my questions, as well as providing practical advice that I’ll use daily.”
Business Owner, Farnham


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To be consistent and coherent with marketing, you need to look at all elements of your business and develop a solid branding strategy. Taking a reactionary approach to branding is like only looking after your health when you get sick! If you’d like to find out more, email us at info@prefacestudios.com or call +44 (0) 1252 820 022.

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