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Surrey is one of the most successful and productive areas in the UK, with 65,000 businesses and an economy worth over £37bn. Surrey businesses have a great reputation for embracing innovation and, as competition intensifies and the need to stand out increases, digital marketing has grown in importance. The business owners we work with are acutely aware that a great website and strong online presence plays a critical part in creating a clear point of difference and generating leads, sales or bookings.

We predominantly use WordPress to design and build websites and we’re huge fans of this powerful content management system. It’s the world’s most used and most trusted CMS and WordPress is unbeaten in terms of features and functionality. Our team has 25 years’ experience using WordPress to create websites for companies in and around Surrey. We also create on-brand, easily understood and added-value written, visual and video content for digital channels and complement this with highly targeted campaigns using SharpSpring.

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To truly adopt digital, marketers and business owners have to keep up with technical advances that can improve the customers’ experience. But that’s not always possible when you’re busy running your own business, managing client expectations and juggling projects. This is where Preface Studios adds value for the Surrey businesses we work with, as continuous learning and growth has been something we’ve always promoted within our team.

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