Web design for office fit out consultancy


Bespoke, mobile responsive website for London’s leading office fit out consultancy increases enquiries by 400%


  • Bespoke WordPress website
  • Overhaul of old site architecture
  • Layout builder
  • Mobile-first build
  • React (JavaScript) for animated features
  • Optimisation for SEO
  • Shorter loading time
  • Space calculator tool

Overview of the project

Leading design and build company Oktra specialises in creating dynamic workplaces. Having just completed a brand refresh with branding consultant Dave Shaw, the company’s website needed a redesign. The site was three years old and, although it was ranking well, it didn’t reflect the new brand, was slow to load and tricky to update. Preface Studios were given three key objectives:

1. Create an outstanding first impression

We didn’t just add a striking image to the home page. We incorporated an animation using React (JavaScript) and WebGL to illustrate key metrics and the Oktra brand cube. Beyond the home page, the Our Work section leads the user through each case study with animated elements. The interactivity is carried throughout the site with interactive process diagrams. A quick glance at the map view allows people to see the location of key projects. And big graphics showing statistics also help to increase the company’s credibility and resize smoothly on smaller screens.

2. Maintain and improve SEO

Oktra was already number one for ‘office fit out’ keywords, but working closely with the Oktra SEO team, we’ve improved this in terms of page authority, load speeds and user experience, with further gains against competitors.

3. Make website updating easy

We’ve added our layout builder functionality, which enables Oktra to create different pages and allows a lot more freedom, while still working within the brand guidelines; they have 30 unique sections and multiple ones within that to choose from.


It took us five months to plan, design and build the new Oktra website, using our design process.

Since launch (1st June 18 – and since this was published – 17th Aug 18),
there has been a:

  • 400% increase in call back requests and contact form enquirers
  • 40% increase in guide downloads
  • 43% increase in page views
  • 29% increase in sessions
  • 23% increase in users compared to the same period last year.
  • 5.8 seconds decrease in homepage load time
    (old site took 10 seconds, new site 4.2 seconds)

Even on slow 3G connections (which are common, even in London!) the site still performs well – assets are loaded progressively without impacting user experience and fade in with an eye catching transition effect.


“The new mobile-first site loads well on all devices. The first view now only takes 4.2 seconds with a AAAAA performance on webpagetest.org. The improved user experience with simplified case studies, interactivity, clearer calls to action, and clever tools like the office space calculator and a revamped download area, mean we’re seeing a lot more engagement on the site.”

Oktra – Brand Manager

How we can help you

Soon we will also be adding a PDF function, which means people can download PDF versions of single or multiple case studies to review. We’re also looking to add further React animation throughout the site and we will help Oktra’s marketing team to create new landing pages for upcoming digital marketing campaigns on LinkedIn and for Transport for London.

You can learn more about about the process we went through to create oktra.co.uk here:

If you need to showcase the visual impact of your work in striking and interactive ways, with super fast load time for better Google ranking, please fill in the form below.

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