Why is WordPress the best CMS for web development?

Whether you can develop a site yourself or you hire someone else to do this for you, the flexibility of your CMS matters. As customer needs change rapidly from year on year, even month on month, it’s essential to be able to grow and change to accommodate the specific needs of your business and your customers. 

While there are loads of CMS options now on the market, WordPress remains the best CMS for web development. Let us explain why: 

It’s backed by hundreds of thousands of developers

The popularity of WordPress is, in itself, one of the biggest benefits of the platform. As an open-source CMS, there are very literally hundreds of thousands of developers working on WordPress, sharing their innovations and improvements to collectively help improve the platform. Preface Studios adds to this community and knowledge base, with more than 20 years of WordPress experience.

Themes can be made bespoke

There are thousands of existing themes to choose from when building a WordPress site, and there are also endless possibilities to custom design a theme that is entirely unique and specifically developed to suit your business needs. At Preface Studios, we regularly build bespoke themes from the ground up for very complex WordPress websites, and we can also use the website building tool, Elementor, which provides great flexibility for clients.

Customisable to meet any marketing needs

Using advanced custom fields, it’s possible to customise the WordPress CMS to meet whatever your marketing needs are through your WordPress site. Call to actions, social links, sharing options, sign up forms and whatever other marketing solutions you could possibly want from your site, can be customised to meet your particular marketing goals. 

It’s always getting better and better

Not only is the community constantly improving the WordPress CMS, but WordPress themselves are committed to the continual improvement of the platform. Updates are introduced regularly and include detailed information about the benefits of the changes and/or updates, and what that means for your site’s performance. Version 5.5 has just come out bringing even more improvements to the block editor, ability to edit images inline, content previews, automated updates for plugins and default XML sitemaps.

Marketing automation integrations

Marketing automation allows you to create targeted campaigns to build brand awareness, and drive sales with the same efficiency as a large organisation would be able to get out of their large marketing team. Automation gives small teams big results. SharpSpring is the marketing automation tool of choice for our clients’ thanks to the ease of integration with the WordPress CMS. 

Whatever you want to do with your site, WordPress has the flexibility to develop it, and our Surrey based WordPress agency has the skills to bring it into reality. Through us, Oktra was able to increase their enquiries by 400% with a bespoke, mobile responsive WordPress website. We worked with the NHS to develop a new WordPress website and full communications toolbox for their ‘Early Intervention in Psychosis’ Programme. And we have endless examples of leading UK businesses turning to the internets most popular CMS, with a little help from us, to get the site they desire. 

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