GSAcom Web App

Web application database informs global mobile suppliers


Improved user experience for GSA members enables speedy access to complex data


  • Web app database
  • React JavaScript frontend and Laravel backend
  • Full research and focus groups with global users
  • Improved user interface and user experience
  • Fast search and rich graphic options for analysing data
  • Fully scalable

Overview of the project

Preface Studios started working with the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) back in 2016 when we were tasked with improving the website user experience and user interface. GSA is the industry trade association for mobile suppliers and the broader mobile ecosystem. Alongside refreshing the website, detailed planning was required to create a user interface to support the GSA Analyzer for Mobile Broadband Devices (GAMBoD) database; a unique search and analysis tool that holds comprehensive data on 4G and 5G devices for GSA members and associates.

This was originally a plugin built in WordPress, however, as the database continued to expand in size and, as new parts were bolted on over time, the UX and UI needed a redesign with a centralised database to be rebuilt to differentiate between data sets. In 2021, we successfully tendered against four other companies to complete the full rebuild of the GAMBoD database with flexibility to scale without being a development headache.

Comprehensive research and meticulous design

This project required a large amount of upfront, detailed research, which began with a survey and interviews with different types of users who were already accessing the system. We collated the indepth findings and prioritised the feedback. Creating a user flow diagram enabled us to understand the system and the way users wanted to interact with the data. A global focus group provided feedback on low fidelity wireframes, which we then adapted with user interface in mind to produce a high fidelity prototype. All of this informed the technical build, which also allowed us to incorporate cross searching via 35 API feeds that we created for each dataset.

Being a web app means that GAMBoD is consistent across browsers and devices, showing complex data that is quicker to access and more intuitive to use. Different dashboards show the data and searches can be saved or downloaded via a CSV or PNG graphic.

A wealth of data

The updated GAMBoD database contains a wealth of industry data and is a powerful set of data including over 1,000 5G devices and over 20,000 4G devices, which is constantly updated. It is built using React JavaScript for the front end, Laravel to power the database – an upgrade to the previous database plugin. Research departments in global networks and mobile phone companies can access reports, maps and charts and filter data to meet their exact requirements. With over 500 manufacturers listed, GAMBoD offers a search and analysis of mobile broadband networks, devices, technologies, spectrum and chipsets. This means users can investigate the technology on the market, features and functions related to mobile broadband aspect, chipsets and the frequencies devices pick up. This is searchable by country and region.

Working with GSA’s research data company, we continue to populate and update the database regularly, enabling users to create reports for development and research teams. This will become increasingly important as we rapidly move towards 5G and operators research spectrum frequencies and decide how to support them.

The app can show data in a table format, pie chart or a bar chart

We focused on making the app mobile responsive

The user has the ability to cross search using multiple side bar filters

During the planning stage, we studied the old interface using heat maps, looking at user interaction

After our research phase we created a user flow diagram of the new app

We then created a wireframe prototype of the app and tested this on real users

How we can help you

The GSA’s GAMBoD database is a powerful web app with a huge set of data. It was built using React JavaScript for the frontend, Laravel to power the database – an upgrade from the previous WordPress plugin. If you need help planning or building a web app for your business or product, like this one, contact us today!


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