Global mobile Suppliers Association

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Improving the user experience and user interface for a worldwide association


  • Bespoke website redesign and rebuild
  • Custom membership system
  • Enhanced UX and UI
  • Responsive WordPress website
  • Unique search and analysis web app using React JS
  • Testing and improvement development phase
  • Ongoing upgrades and improvements
  • Marketing automation with SharpSpring

Overview of the project

GSA represents mobile suppliers worldwide and is used by 80,000 registered industry users. It had grown massively and become copy-heavy and difficult to navigate. Preface Studios won a competitive pitch to revamp the entire site and improve UX and UI for this Farnham-based organisation.

For phase one, we designed and built a bespoke site that pushes vital information to the home page using colour coding for each community, filters and striking imagery. Due to large user numbers, our implementation strategy migrated users over several months and throughout this testing phase we took on-board user feedback. In-depth planning and strategy work was required to create a user interface to work with a large database and support GAMBoD; the GSA Analyzer for Mobile Broadband Devices – a search and analysis tool. A whitelist system works in the back-end and the site incorporates a ‘What’s Hot’ section and a calendar for key industry events.

During phase two, we revamped the home page and internal templates. This included new card layouts and a carousel of GSA-only content. We added two new database features to GAMBoD, which allows executive members to search using NTS and 5G data. We created a dashboard for executive members, such as Nokia, to see how their papers are being viewed and downloaded. They can now see how often sub-users are logging into the website.

GSA is now also using marketing automation tool, SharpSpring, for member email and social media communication. Everyone who signs up to GSA is added to the database and we can track who has signed up from adverts, as well as upsell the GAMBoD database of 4G and 5G devices to improve industry knowledge. We can segment the database and manage ‘drip campaigns’ to ensure members return to the site regularly. It’s also being used to schedule posts on LinkedIn and Twitter with trackable UTMs to monitor campaign performance.


“The user experience is dramatically enhanced with detailed content illustrated in an inspiring and interesting way. The Preface Studios team really focused on the key problems we were trying to solve and delivered a strong solution. Their digital expertise is underpinned with creative brand development and this is illustrated in our new site.”



How we can help you

This site is vital to the mobile community and is a dramatic change from the previous clunky site. Content is added quickly, while load and download time has decreased, meaning speedy access to papers. Ongoing feature enhancements, include home page and GAMBod updates and new payment systems for membership and reports, to enrich the site. We continue to improve the site through our agreed maintenance retainer, improved user sign-ups and content activity. We do this by focusing on user experience and conversion rate optimisation.

To find out more about how we could help your association or information portal, SharpSpring, or how we develop websites for growing businesses in Surrey, please get in touch.

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