Three examples of our bespoke web development

We talk a lot about website performance and how bespoke web development enables this. So, what do websites that load quickly and generate more engagement and conversions look like? And how much time do we really have to capture our online audience? Here, we showcase four website projects.

Firstly though, we’ll explain what a bespoke website is. At Preface Studios, we provide bespoke web development to help businesses in and around Surrey stay ahead in an evolving digital landscape. We’ve created and developed a range of websites for clients that are beautifully designed and easy-to-navigate.

Bespoke web development differs from using a theme. It means the code is created from scratch so it’s faster, easier to update and more secure. We don’t rely on modifying existing themes; we use the most up-to-date, best-practice methods of writing semantic HTML and CSS.

For website administrators, bespoke website development means it’s easier to add content while keeping to brand guidelines. It enables us to add nifty bespoke tools like cost calculators.

A bespoke website means clients’ websites work across devices and modifications are quick to cost and implement. Developing a bespoke CMS, where specific functionality is required, is also a service we offer and for this we use Laravel, a PHP framework.


Oktra - bespoke WordPress development

Oktra – bespoke WordPress development

The proof is in the pudding! Here are some examples of our bespoke web development projects:

  • We refreshed the website for Lactalis, the world’s largest dairy producer. The site has a very fast load time, reduced bounce rates and increased engagement.
  • This responsive WordPress bespoke website for the Global mobile Suppliers Association improved user experience and user interface and supported the GSA Analyzer for Mobile Broadband Devices – a large search and analysis tool.
  • We revamped the website for office design and fit-out company, Oktra, which resulted in a 400% increase enquiries.
  • Using Laraval as a CMS, we developed a bespoke website for Big Apple to create a flexible and expandable system.

Lactalis Web Design Samsung Samsung Galaxy S10

Lactalis food services website


GSAcom website

Bespoke membership website for GSAcom using WordPress

Counting to ten

We naturally go online as a first port of call to find out information about a company, product range, service or cause. People are much more likely to visit a website to find out opening hours, research a holiday, book cinema tickets or investigate a business service.

You only have about ten seconds to persuade a visitor to stay on your website. It’s important to make those seconds count with a website that represents your company and your brand brilliantly – and makes people act. To discover how we can help you develop your business through bespoke website development and boost your digital presence, please get in touch with us.

If you’d like to find out more, here we outline our bespoke web development process.


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