LAM – High-end lead generation website for prestigious London consultancy

Sleek, high-functionality website for a Knightsbridge start-up


  • Bespoke WordPress website
  • Layout builder
  • Mobile-first build
  • Optimisation for SEO
  • Quick loading time
  • Event booking tool
  • HubSpot integration

Overview of the project

On the back of our work in the London office fit-out scene, we were approached by Lawrence Mohiuddine, who asked us to help launch his Knightsbridge project management consultancy, LAM.

We set to work on designing and building a bespoke website that feels like a glossy publication and incorporates our layout builder facility. The website has been built to evolve and meet LAM’s shifting needs and ensure longevity. Preface Studios’ brief was to:

  1. Reflect LAM’s high-end target audience through the website and blog

Mirroring the distinguished projects LAM works on, the website has a luxurious feel and is image-heavy. To achieve this, we offloaded all the images to Amazon S3, which enables us to keep high-resolution imagery, while maintaining fast load times.

High-end clients expect consistency across all platforms and this website delivers; we ensured the website responds to different screen sizes.

We enhanced the layout with JavaScript and use progressive enhancement to make sure the site looks good even if JavaScript isn’t enabled. This means the site loads well and looks great on the latest technology – as well as older devices – which is much better for usability and SEO.

  1. Incorporate flexibility so the website can adapt with the business as it grows

This is a complex website, with sliders showcasing the consultancy’s most prestigious work and a searchable blog, so we’ve added our layout builder functionality. This enables LAM to create new pages and allows a lot more freedom, while still working within the brand guidelines.

  1. Promote events and thought-leadership

The website includes a page promoting company events; which is attractive, slick and easy to update. Users can reserve event places on the page using a custom-built form. The data from all forms on the website is collected and lead data is sent to LAM’s HubSpot. Once the data is in HubSpot, LAM is able to track leads and run tailored automated marketing campaigns.

Another feature provides access to two types of guides; one is an online digital guide and the other is a gated download guide to capture the contact details or interested parties.


LAM WordPress website


This is a beautiful, distinctive  website that effectively showcases the breadth of LAM’s expertise and projects; showcasing projects with Spencer Ogden, Navig8, Mandarin Oriental and Bibby.

How we can help you

If you are looking to start a high end consultancy in Surrey, or would like us to improve the user experience of your consultancy website,  please get in touch today.

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