Allport CS – Extranet for logistics

An extranet that shares best-practice and builds strong relationships worldwide


  • Global extranet built on Laravel PHP framework
  • Mobile responsive
  • Easy administration
  • Member finder map functionality
  • Resources upload / download system
  • Sophisticated search tool
  • Specified user roles

Overview of the project

Our brief was to create an extranet for Allport Cargo Services’ member companies to facilitate global business relationships. It needed to be easy to administer and provide access to materials and information about member companies. To build the extranet, we used the development platform, Laravel, a PHP framework.

The extranet adds real value for global employees. Each member has an administrator and is responsible for its own content and can update news, upload case studies, share PowerPoint presentations and illustrate best-practice. Member maps make it easy to locate contact details and users can email valuable content. The UK team is the dedicated super-administrator and they also share brand identity manuals, marketing templates and promotional items to maintain consistency and quality of the brand globally.


Allport CS


“Since our extranet was launched, ACS members have been gradually adding their content and building an invaluable resource. It’s helping employees around the globe work together in a more connected and consistent way. Member companies are better able to share business opportunities, as well as best-practice. We will soon be rolling this out to forty member companies.”


Allport CS
Allport CS
Allport CS
Allport CS

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