How to build an online presence for your Surrey business using WordPress

In the world of content management systems, WordPress has long held the crown as the most popular platform on the internet. It powers 30.9% (Nov 2020) of the top one million sites, with its nearest competitor (Drupal) powering just 3.24%. Why does it hold such market dominance, you may wonder… The most common answer to this is that WordPress is versatile, loved equally by small businesses and blogs, as well as the Fortune 500 companies and publications that attract more than a million unique visitors every month, such as TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, and many more.

That versatility is thanks to WordPress being user-friendly, feature-rich and highly customisable. This makes it accessible to the novice website designer as well as senior-level web developers who want a CMS that allows them to design their site bespoke and continue to introduce custom additions as the business grows and changes.

So, WordPress is popular. But that still leaves many questions. What most businesses looking to set up online want to know is how WordPress actually helps you to boost your online presence. And this article has those answers.

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How WordPress helps you to boost your online presence

Easier publishing for your marketing team

For years now we’ve heard the mantra “content is king”, and it still holds true today. Content, whether blogs, new pages or product information updates, is the juice that fuels your SEO. Working with a user-friendly CMS like WordPress means that your team can own content creation and distribution, pushing out more changes, more content and more SEO juice to get you noticed online.

Flexibility to change your look as you grow

Style and user expectations are constantly changing, and brands that are changing with the times are the brands that will stay relevant and appealing online. With thousands of themes and aesthetic options available, WordPress allows you to make subtle, powerful changes to your brand aesthetic to make sure your online presence stays connected to the audience you want to attract. Suppose you wish to add video content to make your site more captivating to visitors, or you want a completely new theme for a full-on refresh. WordPress has every option you could dream of ready to go, either in existing themes and plugins, or able to be custom made by expert WordPress developers, like our team at Preface.

Easy integration with tools that boost your profitability

One of the biggest assets that makes WordPress so powerful is that it integrates with so many third-party tools that can take your business to the next level. Marketing automation platform, Sharpspring, is one powerful integration that helps you generate inbound leads from your website. You can also find endless SEO plugins and integrations, and other powerful tools that help you to grow your presence online.

Access to endless enhancements and plugins

WordPress is a free, open-source software that was released with the ethos that it should be able to be used by anyone, for any purpose. Being open-source, it means that anyone can study the software. Developers can understand it and make changes to suit their needs, which can then be shared with anyone else who uses the platform. For this reason, WordPress is powered by thousands of users who make improvements, design new plugins, and share their powerful tools with the rest of the community. This access makes it the most powerful CMS for growing your business online — when one WordPress developer identifies how to boost efficiency, the whole community benefits.

Surrey businesses working with WordPress

Preface helps Surrey businesses to grow their online presence using the power of WordPress. We worked with Numeritas to migrate their lead generation website from HubSpot to WordPress, using Elementor, enhancing their user-experience along the way. Oktra engaged us to refresh their site, which resulted in a 400% increase in call back requests and contact form enquirers, as well as a 43% increase in page views. And Allport Cargo Services engaged us once more to refresh their existing site, improving aesthetic, functionality and simplicity so that their marketing team could easily navigate and add content.

These are just a handful of cases where we’ve been able to help businesses grow their online presence through WordPress.

Whether you’re a startup or an established SME in Surrey, WordPress should be the CMS of choice to power your company’s website. You need a CMS that can take you from small-scale to large-scale without a hitch. And you need a WordPress web design agency with more than 40 years of combined experience with WordPress, able to deliver bespoke web design, and a completely unique style for your business.

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