NHS SABP – Marketing campaign

Suite of digital and printed materials raise awareness of mental health issues


  • Campaign creative
  • Logo design and brand identity
  • Marketing campaign: posters and leaflets
  • Discreet brochure
  • Website design and development
  • Typography
  • Art direction

Overview of the project

Rushmoor’s thriving Nepalese residents are long established within the community, however Surrey and Borders Partnership observed that mental health issues among this group remained unrecognised, unacknowledged and untreated because of the stigma associated with mental illness. We were briefed to develop marketing campaign materials to enhance communication and understanding.

We learned all we could about mental health and Nepalese culture and spoke to local community health ambassadors. From this knowledge, we developed a multi-resource campaign to reach the community’s heart. The Community Health Ambassador Team (CHAT) campaign included a website, posters, flyers, discreet booklet and Facebook page, all aimed at encouraging people to talk about mental health. Ambassadors could use a range of effective and attractive resources, available in Nepalese and English, to support the community.


NHS Chat logo



“The Nepalese community in North Hampshire has a very negative view on mental health and often suffers in silence. With the help of Preface Studios, we have been able to bring comfort and support that they could never have dreamed possible. A sincere thank you from all of us.”



Chat identity sketches
Poster design
Badges and fold up leaflet
Red and blue t-shirts
Posters at train station
Pop up banner
Selection of marketing material
Small fold up leaflet
Poster design

How we can help you

The marketing campaign was rolled out across the whole of Surrey, even gaining Prime Minister David Cameron’s attention at the time. We’re proud to have played an important part in supporting SABP’s campaign to change the culture so that the community individuals can receive help. If you are running a campaign or need to raise awareness of an important issue in and around the Surrey area, then please get in touch.

Request a full case study from arps@prefacestudios.com.

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