A brand new innovative technology that provides Perpetual Power™ for Low Energy Internet of Things (LE-IoT) devices.


  • Striking HTML website in 4-weeks
  • Wireframe, design and build
  • Focused on IoT Technology
  • Ongoing Maintenance and support
  • Parallax Scrolling


The Internet of Things (IoT) allows people to connect any device with a power switch to the Internet. This technology is already in our lives in the form of mobiles, lights, wearables, heating and cars and, according to Gartner, by 2020 there will be an astonishing 20 billion connected devices in use. There is a huge potential to continue to grow this enormous network of connected ‘things’, however powering devices is one of the biggest limitations to mass-market deployment.

Preface Studios was approached by Drayson Technologies, led by Lord Drayson, to develop a website for Freevolt™ – a revolutionary energy harvesting technology that enables many low power devices to be permanently powered from ambient radio frequency waves. Freevolt has superb potential in home-based products such as security cameras, smoke alarms, air quality sensors, motion sensors or wireless thermostats. The first product to use Freevolt technology is CleanSpace™ Tag, a personal air quality sensor that monitors air around you. There’s enormous potential for developers to build this technology into new products.


The Preface Studios team pitched successfully against an existing Drayson Technologies’ supplier and were commissioned to develop the website for Freevolt. This is the first commercial application of this technology and the timeframe to deliver the website for launch was short – only four weeks!

From the Freevolt logo and marketing plan, we were tasked with developing wireframes and a website that educates visitors, explains how the technology can and will be used and encourages developers to sign up to receive a developers’ kit so that they can start incorporating Freevolt technology into new products.


Our team relied heavily on our in-depth digital experience to develop wireframes, design and build the website. We worked collaboratively with global architecture and integrated design practice, Fosters + Partners, who provided the creative art direction for the brand, visual assets for the launch, animated videos and 3D renders to illustrate how the technology might be used in practice.

One of the greatest challenges of this project was a real lack of imagery assets. There was no photography and this posed a bit of a problem because Freevolt is electricity, which of course you can’t see! We overcame this by using stills from the animations, as well as carefully selected stock images.

The real challenge was working to a deadline of just four weeks, with a team scattered across multiple locations. The Freevolt team provided feedback and we had to adapt quickly.

The first phase of the website is a static HTML site, with sign up form linked to MailChimp was completed successfully in time and to budget. The site is also optimised for speed, which is vital as we discussed in our blog improving website performance. The next development phase will be to convert to WordPress CMS so that content can be easily uploaded. We’ll also be adding e-commerce functionality so that they can start selling the developer kit online. In the meantime, we are providing a continuing service of updating the website as needed.


In the first month since launch, the website had an impressive 20,255 sessions, 16,481 users and 37,890 page views. The average time spent on the website was an impressive 1:35 minutes.

News of the product and launch received fantastic coverage and interest in national and global media and appeared on BBC, Telegraph, Bloomberg news, Wired, and The Guardian, Daily Mail and other global news sites.






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