Our 13th Birthday…

Lucky for us!

Apparently, the number 13 is considered a lucky number in Italy and the saying ‘fare tredici’ – to do 13 – means ‘to hit the jackpot’! Just as well, as we’re fast approaching our 13th birthday. We know it’s a bit of an odd milestone to celebrate, but changes happen so quickly in the world of digital marketing, we wanted to mark the occasion. So what’s new since we last took stock?

Digital developments

Digital transformation continues to change the way people can grow their business, raise awareness and improve the customer experience. Advances in website design and development mean we can create polished sites with animated elements for great UX and UI. And sophisticated inbound marketing campaigns are providing a real, measurable boost for marketers. A strong digital presence is so important, particularly when there are so many companies offering similar products or services. We’re seeing forward-thinking SMEs in Surrey increase investment in digital marketing to drive stand-out and improve conversion rates.

Expansion plans

We’ve been flat out, so in our 13th year, we’ve got some exciting plans to expand the Preface Studios web design and development team to support new digital projects; roles will include creative coders, senior UX designers and a digital marketing manager.

The briefs we’re working on are varied and interesting and we love working on meaningful projects, like the EPIC MINDS mental health awareness campaign. Development starts soon on a new website for Mary Frances Trust, which works with people in Surrey who are experiencing any kind of emotional or mental distress, like stress, anxiety or depression. We’re also about to launch a new dairy product website for one of the world’s largest producers.

Generating brand value

Our service offering is also evolving to meet clients’ needs, so we’ve brought branding – something that’s close to our hearts – back into our offering. This means we provide a complete solution by developing both brands and websites with business goals in mind. We recently helped London start-up Echospace with this new complete solution of strategy, branding, design, build and content.

Marketing automation tool

Another exciting addition to our offering is our new status a SharpSpring partner. SharpSpring is a trusted marketing automation tool, with a key focus on driving leads, converting them to sales and optimising marketing. We felt this tool was something our clients could really benefit from. There are 7,000 businesses already using SharpSpring, and we’re working with GSA and Uspire Ireland to help them automate their marketing and provide a stream of relevant content for members.

Wonderful WordPress

Of course, some things never change and our love for WordPress continues. The introduction of our layout builder has been embraced by clients, who can now expand content on their website, while keeping it on-brand much more easily. We’re also experimenting with PWAs, which combine the best of the web and mobile apps, we’ll be rolling this out on some of our clients sites later this year.

Special thanks to Patrick, Jon, Chloe, Mark, Todor, Seb, Jamie and Vicki for all the fantastic work we’ve accomplished in this past year.

Now… time for some cake!

You have to be in it to win it! If you are interested in joining our creative team in Farnham or would like to know more about how digital can help your business in Surrey, please get in touch…


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