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In times gone by, your shop front was the first impression people had of your company; the welcome, the greeting, the warm reception. Today, things have changed dramatically and your website is the most important landing place for new customers and will either attract or put people off in seconds.

The team at Preface Studios works with many small to medium sized companies in and around Surrey, creating new and exciting websites, with great written and visual content that’s optimised for visitors to browse, be enticed by, and act. We’ve recently worked with Big Apple in Woking, Surrey to do just this.

The speed of communication, images and words across digital platforms makes your website the core platform for customers to find out about you. Whether it’s a service, a product or tickets for an event, your website should combine important information with a clear and usable interface.

Our team works hard to ensure that  we create eye-catching and creative websites. We blend our expertise in web design Surrey with research and client insights about a business. We work very collaboratively, using tools like Basecamp and Invision to create strong ideas that result in a website that works well for all different types of target audiences. If you provide a moves and storage service for many types of organisation, you’ll need a clear and crisp design with contemporary visuals to explain your services for each audience segment. And if you’re a global logistics provider, wanting to improve employee communications, you need an extranet that shares best practice and builds strong employee relationships.

If you’d like to find out more about building your business profile in and around Surrey, then please get in touch for a friendly chat – we have a studio at the Farnham Maltings. We’ll talk through your business issues and identify your web development goals, such as conversions or traffic.

Talk to our team at Preface Studios today to discover more or click here to tell us more about your digital and website design needs.

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