Why branding and website content is important for growing Surrey businesses

Your organisation’s brand should be communicated clearly across every touchpoint. This means how friendly you are when you answer the phone, how quickly you deal with issues, and how helpful your advice is, just as much as your marketing materials and online presence. People make assumptions about a brand and service within seconds. The importance of your company’s branding and the application of it across multiple platforms is integral to your development. And great web design can be used to enhance your brand and make it truly memorable for visitors.

When a visitor arrives on a page of your website, they should be greeted by messages that speak for your brand – whether it’s a visually striking photograph, a headline that really hits home or a video that provokes an emotional response. Not only do you need to have a brand that captures your company vision, but you need a website brimming with personality.

If you visit a random website and pass a critical eye over it, you’ll probably find some faults in it. Now, do the same with you own! Chances are there’s always room for improvement, especially when every click, every menu and every word counts – so it’s important to keep your website fresh. It’s important not to let your website get tired, but keep it a blossoming and engaging space. Everyone that visits your site is a prospective buyer, so there is no excuse to allow your website to become stagnant.

Increasing the number of people that visit your website relies on first attracting them, then enticing them to find out more, then taking action and finally, keeping them coming back for more. We’ve all visited websites and instantly thought ‘wow’! That’s because we often make judgements and base decisions about staying on the site and investigating further based on what strikes us visually and hooks us in. Too much writing, spelling mistakes, unclickable links, dull pictures and clunky menu interfaces are all things that can turn people off.

An easy to update CMS is crucial; once you’ve learnt how to upload images and create content it’s simple to update your website. Preface Studios worked with Spacelink to change the website from a complicated format into a bespoke WordPress site. This helped to refresh the visuals and make it more engaging to the target market of young people and teachers. The creation of website registration helped to bring exclusivity to the downloadable learning materials. Other examples of why branding and great content is important include our projects for:

  • Hunters Contracts – a bespoke and fully mobile responsive WordPress website
  • JAC Group – a stylish, image-led website to fit the brand
  • Farnham Maltings – responsive website that attracts multiple audiences, supported by website maintenance
  • Time4Recovery – complete communications suite, including website
  • Artemis Interiors – bespoke website design and build – huge boost in users and time on site.

The changing face of technology and access to websites across multiple devices makes it essential that websites are both contemporary and easy to navigate. Having worked with many clients and businesses who are looking to develop their website for the better, Preface Studios understands how to develop websites to make them work much harder for business owners in and around Surrey and create a more fluid visitor experience.

Can your website visitors get the information they need to take the action you desire in as short a time as possible? If you’re not sure, it’s worth addressing. Preface Studios provides web design, web development and web content to growing companies in Surrey. To find out more…

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