How to use animations and videos to drive awareness and new website enquiries

As bespoke website designers in Surrey, we often get asked about the value of including a short animation within a website. It’s something we’ve done to great effect for completely different products and services, so we certainly advocate the use of animations to increase audience engagement.

90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process (Source: Hubspot)

Storytelling is at the core of all great communication and many people learn and remember things when they’re taught using visual formats. So animated videos are great at telling a story and distilling complex concepts or messages into digestible formats; helping to explain products or services in a succinct way that people remember.

Using a mix of audio, visual and typography, animations are a quicker way of imparting your message and reinforcing your brand. It’s easier to click on an animation that’s less than one-minute long than it is to read a full page of text. What’s more, including animation or video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80% and increase time spent on your website.

Google has enabled the video mark-up as the recommended way to describe video content. “The importance of this markup is crucial – fail to implement it on your website, and your marketing video pages will always be less visible than those of sites that are using these snippets.” (SEMRush)

Here are some of our recent website animations. Sometimes, they work best on the home page:

Animation for Epic Minds

Animation for Artemis Interiors

And sometimes they work best on pages that describe the service or a deeper page story:

Video for Epic Minds

Animation for Neal Brothers Packaging

We’ve found that the companies we work with in Surrey have also used their animations to great effect across social media channels and email campaigns to increase engagement and conversions.

Animations and videos don’t have to be restricted to contained videos; the page itself can animate, with subtle animation enabling content to move into view when you scroll down a page. This is a technique we used recently for Oktra and it helps to avoid overloading the brain with a mass of information and make the site feel more interactive.

The ballpark cost of a simple 30 second animation is between £2,000 and £5,000 + VAT.

If you’d like to find out more about animations for your website, please get in touch or call – 01252 820022.

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