Mobile First

Customer attention and satisfaction is a must.

Walmart’s great Sam Walton put it bluntly when he said: “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else”.

With so many channels, it is also crucial to ensure your messages are being conveyed accurately and consistently across all of them. This might involve having detailed brand guidelines that your various service providers are able to follow. All communications should appear seamless.

Your brand is – and should continue be – the cornerstone of everything you do. Do you communicate your brand story effectively in an entertaining and positive way?

If any of you saw the recent John Lewis Christmas 2012 Snowman TV commercial you will know the power of a great story. This campaign alone generated over £91m in sales in less 1 week. Incredible!

So whether you sell online or not, social and mobile are going to grow in importance over the coming years for your business, but how much exactly?

Well, a recent survey indicates the following:

  • In 2012 – There are 4.5 billion mobile phone subscriptions
  • In 2016 – There will be 6.5 billion subscribers
  • In 2012 – 10% of all website visits are via a mobile device
  • In 2016 – 90% of all website visits will be via a mobile device
  • By 2015 a mobile devise will be the 1st screen!

This means that people will reach for their mobile devices over their laptops or desktop machines to search online and carry out tasks. This is incredible. Microsoft are going to have to change very very quickly – their mission to put a personal computer on every desk in every home is no longer necessary – and most interestingly it was Steve Jobs at Apple who forced this change around with the iPhone and iPad.

A year or so back, the great goliath himself – Google – announced it was going to become a ‘mobile first’ company – implying that all of their future products will be created for mobile devices first then adapted for desktop machines – further proof that desktops are nearing the end of their reign.

Some further facts to help you consider your move to becoming a mobile 1st company:

  • 70% of mobile searches lead to an action within one hour
  • On desktop, a customer will take action within one month

So, what can you do about this? Well your first steps should be to consider how your website and brand works across all devices. Do your customers get the same great experience across all channels or does your shopping cart fall short? Are pictures getting cropped off badly, or are words simply not scaling down forcing the user to scroll left to right?

Once you have analysed your website, if the experience is not great, you should consider responsive design for any future updates.

Responsive web design is a term used to describe a website that has been designed and built with scalability in mind. Users visiting responsive sites have significantly better experiences which leaves them with a positive view of the organisation.

Here are some great responsive sites you might like to check out. To see them scale without a mobile device, using your desktop, simply reduce and increase the size of your browser window. Each site should re-jig itself as you make the window smaller.

If you would like help converting your current website to a mobile friendly site, please get in touch with Arps Patel on 01252 820022 or email him on

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