Why we use WordPress

We have opted to use WordPress as our preferred platform: previously we use a bespoke PHP build to create content management systems.

So why do we build all our websites with WordPress? Here are our reasons…

1. It’s the most popular CMS in the world, used by over 68 million websites. Even the Prime Minister uses WordPress – Number10.gov.uk. Other notable sites running WordPress include:

In 2003 it was found that 18.9% of all websites on the internet us WordPress source. That number has only grown.

It also – unsurprisingly given the above statistic – holds the biggest market share in the CMS market (60.4%).

2. It’s very user friendly and only takes an hour or two of training for our clients to start using it. New features are being added all the time, pushing the experience of adding content.

If you can use MS Word, then you can use WordPress, trust us!

We provide our clients with:

  • Training (including a user manual and video tips)
  • A support package for ongoing maintenance that you might need

3. It’s open source (the source code is freely available to everyone). Which means it is well supported and always improving.

WordPress is an open platform, which means many developers can contribute to the code. You are not tied into a monthly fee unlike services such as Sitecore, Squarespace or Shopify.

Some clients may be worried about security concerns with an open source platform. While it is true that anyone is free to download and puruse the WordPress code, we at Preface believe that it is this very fact that makes it more secure. If a fifth of the internet are running the software, the chances of security loopholes existing are much smaller than something developed on a closed system.

The billions of sites running WordPress are like an extensive, automated and free security checking service. That magnitude of user security testing is something that a bespoke and/or closed source platform just wouldn’t be feasible. Furthermore, since WordPress 3.7, automatic security updates have been implemented.

4. WordPress is flexible. We’ve created some complex sites using WordPress. Check out Rippingham Art (an online art store) or Farnham Maltings (a venue that holds multiple daily events).

WordPress was traditionally seen as blogging tool. But the recent developments of Version 4 have, has taken it to another level and we’ve found it meets the demand of many clients’ requests. WordPress can provide many different functions such as e-commerce, calendars, portfolios, video integration, forums, blogging, contact and feedback forms to name a few. All of which are possible without ever touching programming code.

5. It is mobile friendly, offers good SEO, and integrates with social media.

  • Social media: All the sites we develop with WordPress come with social media features as standard.
  • SEO: All websites we have developed rank highly with search engines. Our SEO plugins allow the client the freedom to create and maintain their own SEO strategy.
  • Mobile friendly: The websites we create using WordPress are all mobile and tablet friendly.

We love WordPress and if you think it could be the platform for you, then please contact us here.

Otherwise take a look at some of the WordPress website that we have developed in the last year:

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