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How to protect your WordPress site from hacking

We take a look at the best ways to keep WordPress secure…

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Whitepaper 2: Do You Need A Rebrand?

Whatever your size - whether you’re a global organisation, an SME or a sole trader, keeping your brand fresh and relevant is essential to maintain a connection with your target audience.…

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Creating Great Content to Tell Your Brand Story

Great branding is all about telling a compelling story that finds common ground and emotional connection with your target audience. It’s easy to…

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Preface Brand Papers
Whitepaper 1: What is Branding?

Your Essential Branding Guide for Small and Medium Sized Businesses ‘What is Branding?’ is a new whitepaper developed by the branding experts…

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Six Ways to Improve Your Social Branding

Your brand should tell a consistent story across every communication channel and consumer touch point. Historically, this will have been through…

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Branding Whitepapers Coming Soon

Small businesses, start-ups and sole-traders all need a brand: it's not just for multinationals like Google or Nike. In January we'll be publishing "What on Earth is Branding"?: a useful guide for small and medium sized businesses.…

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Blogging Basics in Three Easy Steps

People buy from people and a blog is a great way to communicate with your target audience.…

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How to use Google Analytics to monitor your brand

Find out how Google Analytics can help you monitor and analyse the success of your website…

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Laptop with error illustration
Frequent mistakes people make
when setting up a website

In this post we look at the importance of a website and how to ensure a smooth process…

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PPC stats
Pay per click (PPC) advertising for your brand

What Pay per click (PPC) is and how it can be used as an effective form of online advertising…

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The power of WordPress as a CMS

We look at how WordPress can be used as a CMS, why it is good and why you should use it.…

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What is SEO and how to improve it for your brand, Part 2

If you've ever wondered what SEO means and why you need it, this post is for you!…

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