Laravel Wordpress
Laravel and WordPress

When is the right time to use Laravel the PHP framework?…

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Web App Logo
Progressive Web Apps

create an experience similar to an app, but are built using using open web standards and functionality (HTML, CSS and Javascript).…

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Great website performance: why it’s essential

In 2014 internet usage on mobile devices exceeded internet usage on PCs. So we make sure our sites are quick to load.…

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Social media icons
Social media and your brand

A look at how social media can help create awareness of your brand and communicate with customers…

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Santa Claus
Christmas advertising for brands…..

A look at some Christmas campaigns from the past and what retailers are focusing on this year…

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How powerful branding can pull in the crowds

Branding has now become critically important in establishing a clear point of difference for businesses. Why?…

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Cow branded with Nike tick
What is Branding?

We look at the role of branding and how social media has changed the way we think about brands…

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WordPress logo
Why we use WordPress

Over the last two years we have opted to use WordPress as our preferred platform. Find out why…

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Preface blog
Mobile First

We look at the ideas behind 'mobile first' and why you need a responsive website…

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Preface blog
Three Mobile Marketing Insights

Three facts from Mary Meeker about internet trends you can't afford to ignore…

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Preface blog
Bridging the gap

I'm reading a branding book by Marty Neumeier called THE BRAND GAP. It's hard to put down…

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Preface blog
Free SEO advice from Google for start-ups

Worried about how to fill out your meta keywords tag so your startup ranks best in Google results?…

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