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Increasing the number of people that visit your site is dependent on how you attract them, entice them and then, keep them. For any company, the website will have the most accessible information for your customers. At Preface Studios, as experts in web development in Berkshire, we can help to make your site friendlier and keep your visitors on board.

If you think to the last time you went onto a website through their URL, you base your decision of staying on what strikes you visually. Too much writing, spelling mistakes, unclickable links, too many pictures and clunky menu interfaces are all things that can turn people off from your site.

Our team of web developers can easily make your website stand out from the rest. We’ve worked with many companies, such as Spacelink Learning Foundation. Here’s how we helped them:

  • Changed the website from a complicated format into a bespoke WordPress site. This helped to refresh the visuals and make it more engaging to the target market they are looking to attract: young people and teachers.
  • The creation of an on-website registration helped to bring exclusivity to the learning materials that could be downloaded on the site. Registered teachers can now log-in to the site to access the downloads.

To find out more about our service and how we can help improve your website, get in touch with us today.

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